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IG001 Fault Current Limiting Transformer With Variable Reactance
IG002 A DC Motor Driver consisting of a single MOSFET with capability of speed and direction control.
IG003 Three phase linear Autotransformer using Rectangular core
IG004 Design and Implementation of a Low Cost Distribution Transformer Monitoring System for Remote Electric Power Grids
IG005 Electrical Power Monitoring and Protection using a Real-time System (3 phase)
IG006 Design and Implementation of a Wireless Automatic Meter Reading System
IG007 Design of Microcontroller Based Thyristor Controlled Three-Phase Static Power Factor Corrector
IG008 Design of intelligent monitoring, controlling & automation system for Smart home.
IG009 Arduino and GSM Based Smart Energy Meter for Advanced Metering and Billing System
IG010 VAR Compensation using Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC)
IG011 Programmable Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (pGFCI) – An Alternative Approach
IG012 Solid-State On Load Tap-Changer for Transformer Using Microcontroller
IG013 An Efficient Monitoring Of Substations Using Microcontroller Based Monitoring System
IG014 Vertical axis wind mill using gear less technology
IG015 Flux-based turn-to-turn fault protection for power transformers
IG016 Microcontroller Based SVC for Power Factor Correction System
IG017 Real Time Automation of Agricultural Environment
IG018 Power Saving Mechanism for Street Lights using Wireless Communication
IG019 Resistive capacitor switching transient limiter(RCSTL) for mitigating power capacitor switching transients
IG020 Remote monitor of farmland irrigation three-phase motor based on the GSM module
IG021 Wireless Energy Consumption Control based on Prioritised Load Switching
IG022 Development of automatic voltage regulator for three phase synchronous generator xxx5
IG023 Intelligent Wireless System to Monitoring Mechanical Fault in Power Transmission Lines
IG024 A Novel Wireless Multifunctional Electronic Current Transformer
IG025 Load Distribution Strategy Considering the Economy of Parallel Transformers
IG026 Hybrid solar panel with smart GPS tracker
IG027 Advanced Digital Smart Meter for Dynamic Billing, Tamper Detection and Consumer Awareness
IG028 An Improved Method for Protection of Three Phase Induction Motor using Microcontroller
IG029 Design of Arduino-based Communication Agent for Rural Indian Microgrids
IG030 Design Real Time Battery Monitoring System
IG031 Development of a New Modeling Circuit for the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) with GSM Communication
IG032 Microcontroller Based Three Phase Fault Analysis for Temporary and Permanent Fault
IG033 Transmission line Fault Current Limitation Using Thyristor Based Devices
IG034 Wireless Power Transmission for House Appliances
IG035 Design of Small Smart Home System Based on Arduino
IG036 Intelligent Control of On-Load Tap Changing Transformer
IG037 Harmonic and Neutral to Ground Voltage Reduction Using Isolation Transformer xxx5
IG038 Microcontroller Based Solar Battery Charging System with MPPT Features at Low Irradiance Condition
IG039 Multistage Dynamic Braking of Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
IG040 Linear Autotransformer Design and Optimization
IG041 Design and Implementation of Remote Terminal Unit for Feeder Automation System
IG042 Smart GSM Based Home Automation System
IG043 Design and Implementation of a GSM Based remote home security and appliance control system
IG044 Remote Terminal Unit for Feeder Automation and monitoring using internet.
IG045 Design and Implementation of a IOT(Internet of Thing) based Automatic Meter Reading System
IG046 Design and Implementation of an Isolated Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation System
IG047 Design, Fabrication and Implementation of Microcontroller Controlled Static Var Compensator
IG048 Real Time Monitoring System for Mine Safety using Wireless Sensor Network
IG049 Design and implementation of Digital Energy Meter with data sending capability using GSM network.
IG050 Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Safety and Fault Management
IG051 Smart Digital Density Meter
IG052 Efficient Error Reduction In Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Using Temperature Compensation
IG053 Flood Sensing Framework by Arduino and Wireless Sensor Network in Rural-India
IG054 GSM Based Automatic Water Level Warning System
IG055 GSM Based Gas Leakage Detection System in industrial environment
IG056 Wireless monitoring system and controlling for Smart Greenhouse Management
IG057 Intelligent management of urban garden irrigation
IG058 WSN-Based Smart Sensors and Actuator for Power Management in Intelligent Buildings
IG059 Proposal of the irrigation system using low-cost Arduino system as part of a smart home
IG060 Smart Home for Elderly Care, based on Wireless Sensor Network
IG061 Display Message on Notice Board using GSM
IG062 Wireless hotel order management using Zigbee protocol
IG063 Sun Tracker: Design, Build and Test
IG064 Rescue System for Coal Mine Workers using Different Sensors
IG065 Real time tracking of public buses using GSM communication
IG066 Series Transformer-Based Solid State Fault Current Limiter
IG067 Design and Implementation of a System Access Control by RFID
IG068 Portable Heart Rate Measurement for Remote Health Monitoring System
IG069 High-Efficiency Dual-Axis Solar Tracking Development using Arduino
IG070 A Novel Control Strategy to Reduce Transformer Inrush Currents by Series Compensator
IG071 Development and implementation of embedded protection scheme for three phase squirrel cage induction motor fault analysis
IG072 Design of a Linear Generator for Wave Energy Plant
IG073 Speed Control Unit Designed For A Dc Motor Using Arduino
IG074 AC Power Meter Design Based on Arduino
IG075 Protection of Power Transformer Using Microcontroller-Based Relay
IG076 A Microcontroller Based Protection And Control Of A Low Voltage Motors By Using Zigbee Technology
IG077 Universal PV Regulator Based on low cost Microcontroller
IG078 Speed Control for DC Motor with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Method Using WSN and Microcontroller
IG079 Design and Development of Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Monitoring System With AVR Processor Based Web Server
IG080 Remote Monitoring in Home Automation using Low Cost Microcontroller
IG081 Design of Microcontroller based Multi- Functional Relay for Automated Protective System
IG082 Microcontroller managed module for automatic ventilation of vehicle interior
IG083 Smart Distribution Transformer Applied To Smart Grids
IG084 Power Quality Improvement Using DVR in Power System
IG085 Smart Design of Microcontroller Based Monitoring System for Agriculture xxx5
IG086 K-RLE : A new Data Compression Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network
IG087 RFID Based Security and Access Control System Using Arduino with GSM Module
IG088 Harmful gases Wireless Network Monitoring System Design
IG089 Remote Energy Monitoring, Profiling and Control Through GSM Network
IG090 Automatic Closed Loop Speed Control of DC Motor
IG091 GSM Based Street Light Automation
IG092 GSM Based Industrial Security System
IG093 Remote monitoring system of temperature and humidity based on GSM xxx5
IG094 Design of Accident Detection and Alert System for Motor Cycles
IG095 Wireless Solution for Polyhouse Cultivation Using Embedded System
IG096 Distribution Network Load Distribution Strategy Considering the Economy of Parallel Transformers
IG097 Smart Farming System Using Sensors for Agricultural Task Automation
IG098 Speed Control of DC Motor using MOSFET based Chopper
IG099 Design and Implementation of a Substation Automation Unit
IG100 A GSM-Based Wireless Remote Controller
IG101 GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading System with Instant Billing
IG102 Design of Street Light Pole Controller Based on WSN
IG103 GSM based cost effective street lighting application
IG104 Solar Panel and Battery Street Light Monitoring System Using GSM Wireless Communication System
IG105 Wireless Sensor Based Control System In Agriculture Field
IG106 Design and Development of a Low-Cost wireless Multi-sensor network for industrial safety.
IG107 PID Controller Design For Controlling Dc Motor Speed Using MATLAB Application
IG108 Speed Control of Induction Motor Drive Using Universal Controller
IG109 Microcontroller-Based Single-Phase Automatic Voltage Regulator
IG110 Access Control System using NFC and Arduino
IG111 Engineering Quality Control of Solar-powered Intelligent Water-saving Irrigation
IG112 Digital D.C. Motor Speed Control Using Hall Effect
IG113 Automatic Power Factor Correction Unit (APFC)
IG114 Development of Wi-Fi- Based Switch Control System For Home Appliances
IG115 A Low-Cost Flash Flood Monitoring System
IG116 Chef Alerting System using Wireless Zigbee Technology
IG117 A Low-cost compact System for Experiments in Electrical/electronics Lab
IG118 Remote Monitoring Of Heart Rate and Music To Tune The Heart Rate
IG119 Blind Guardian: A Sonar-Based Solution for Avoiding Collisions with the Real World

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